Sea Shanties are a Gateway Drug to Bagpipes: A Writing Update

Sea Shanties have risen in popularity since Fishermen's Friends got their movie on Netflix (recommend!) but I am here to warn you that the clapping and harmonies and history that makes you weep WILL LEAD TO BAGPIPES. I'm currently fangirling about the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. No sarcasm. Let those pipes echo off the cliff... Continue Reading →

Judge Not Your Neighbor’s Animatronic Reindeer Lest Your Chocolate Chow Mein Noodle Clumps Be Judged: an exhortation

Don't steal anyone else's joy this Christmas. The sacred and the secular twist like candycane stripes this time of year. It's okay. God is not confused. He knows which is worship of his Son and which is enjoyment of small customs and traditions with friends and family. But some people have just been MEAN lately!... Continue Reading →

Find and Seek

I've been chatting with some newly-marrieds and some wish-we-were-married-but-we're-nots, so I've been praying for both camps a lot lately and I'm chock full of hope. If you are in the wants-to-be-married camp, this post is for you. If you do NOT want to be married, this blog post is for you, too. You might not... Continue Reading →

Resurrection Power

Here is a short video devotional! Our church is running a daily devotional series during the quarantine. I was happy to be a cheerful layperson adding to the encouragements! This is my first video. There was only one necessary edit, where I said "bleast-prate" instead of "breastplate" of righteousness, but who among us has not... Continue Reading →

not business as usual

Revival! In January, my friend Rebekah asked me to co-lead a prayer group on this topic. Combined, we probably have as much experience on this topic as Billy Graham's desk chair, but luckily, conviction of spirit trumps qualification. Maybe the Christians in 1918 thought their pandemic was going to usher in a fresh work of... Continue Reading →

How Was Vacation?!

The youngest started playing 'Baby Shark' on her kazoo, so I thought I'd pop upstairs and tell you about the secret sushi food truck we found in Orlando. A cement-block store near our hotel selling cheap Disney merch ($17 for a beach towel with Kylo Ren's mask on it isn't cheap but it was her... Continue Reading →

February Wobbles

Every year after the January Thaw (closet purge, purchasing of new homeschooling material that will be Just The Thing, soup boycotts) comes a season I like to call the February Wobbles. It just happens. You've been taking the vitamin D and clinging to Isaiah 26: 3 You keep him in perfect peace     whose mind is stayed... Continue Reading →

Combo Plate

This morning, as I was putting eggs in my bra to get them up to room temperature, I realized that the blog has had a lack of variety. In my first blog post I boldly claimed there would be funny and embarrassing stories, or maybe some rural sign hilarity, and I have not delivered. Well,... Continue Reading →

Remember Remember

So, I watched this on YouTube, and wept. (silently, behind a closed door, because of that one time my kids found me crying in the laundry room and narced on me) I love this song. Love it! (Except for the line with the wobbly doctrine that makes me twitch. Does no one read the Westminster... Continue Reading →

Christmas Past

You can't eat fruitcake forever. At some point, you're going to have to watch a movie. If you've reached this point in the holiday, here are six movies I watched recently that I would definitely recommend! Well, mostly. Read on! Dora the Explorer and the City of Gold. (rented on Amazon) Pro-homeschooling, pro-responsible archaeology, pro-family.... Continue Reading →

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