You know that scene in Thor when he’s so enamored of the coffee that he smashes the mug on the floor and excitedly demands another cup?  That is how I feel right now about sending out my novel to literary agencies.

The last round of rejections were deserved, but I mean that in the nicest way possible.  Every rejection had some specific thing I could fix.  I went to a conference.  I finished writing another novel.  The first fifteen pages won a contest and some of the judges said very nice things about it.  Now I am submitting the book again, but this time, I am not afraid of the response.

What if I get another round of rejections, instead of a nice full mug of yes?  BRING IT ON.  Obviously, my goal is to become a published fiction writer.  However, my last round of rejections were constructive and I worked hard to improve on the suggestions.  Perhaps this next round will open up new avenues for improvement!  That’s part of the long haul, the journey, the work-in-progress.

You know what else I like about submitting things?  It makes writing feel real.  In a professional way, not in an “I accidentally sent someone the whole novel instead of just the first three chapters” kind of way. That happened to me this fall, but luckily it was to a friend, not an agency.  I thought I was sending the first three, nice, polished chapters. The rest were still feeling first-drafty and I’d lopped off the original ending.  Imagine my surprise at the email, time-stamped midnight, where my friend informed me she’d been up for hours and still wasn’t finished——I’d accidentally sent the whole shebang!

She really liked it, though, warts and all.  Hopefully, the real world will like it, too!

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