Churchill yo self

“A professional is an amateur who didn’t quit.”

This quote is attributed to Richard Bach, but he claims he didn’t say it, that it’s just a popular maxim. I’m glad for this quote upon the receipt of a rejection letter–a nice one, as form letter rejections go, inviting me to submit additional work at a later date because the winds of change are unpredictable. What have you. I indulged in the traditional wallow, my heart hanging so low I trod its hopeful beats into the ground, and then the next day, Churchilled myself right up. You know, that other quote, “Never give up. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever give up.” Yes, sir!  Onward! Because really, what else am I going to do?!  I love  writing with everything that is in me. Rejections aren’t personal, and they certainly aren’t an excuse to give up. Perish that thought! So if you are reading this and you’ve been laid low by the temptation to quit whatever art you love, don’t. DO NOT QUIT. Just don’t do it, man. By all means, shlub around the house in your worst bra, bemoaning your fate. But only for a moment! There are stories to tell, and no one can tell them except you.

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