Encouraging Things

I received a message in the middle bathroom stall at church, and I’m changing the blog.

Covering up the bolts where the toilet paper used to hang (now we’ve got an attractive bronze stand that holds multiple rolls of the good stuff) is a coloring page with this Scripture quote on it: “She is clothed with strength and dignity, and laughs without fear of the future.” Prov. 31:35  Arguably, there’s a certain irony about the dignity bit as bathroom stall art, but I read it and thought: “He has clothed me with strength and dignity, and it was hard-won. And I laugh. But the fear piece…Lord, have mercy.”

Aaaaand now my life is filled with things to NOT FEAR about. It’s like He thought I meant it when I asked Him to make it so that whole verse was true about me, ha ha HA HAHAHAhaha. In order to combat fear in myself and the world around me, I am turning this blog into a spot for Encouraging Things. This will include, but not be limited to: funny stories, embarrassing stories, true confessions, bad art, kid quotes, recipes, DIY adventures, marriage advice, parenting tips, rural road sign hilarity, memes, historical facts, bragging on my friends, Stuff I Learned From The Bible Today, weather rants, cleaning victories, book recommendations, books to flee from, good shopping deals, Opinions, traditions, homeschooling bon mots, and writing advice.

(My blog used to be for writing advice. Those posts were Pretty Decent, so I’m leaving them in. I still hope to be a published fiction writer someday, but it’s becoming sort of awkward when I talk about it at parties. Not so awkward that I won’t mention it, because ho ho! Work is good! I love improving my craft. But, you know.)

You need this blog because you need more joy in your life, and I’m going to scatter it about social media sites and paint giant swaths of it all over the internet. If you’re in a Dark Place where you do not want the barest hint of any oil of gladness anywhere near you, thankyouverymuch, I invite you to just come in for a quick dab every now and then, no pressure, and let me know so I can bring you a banana bread instead of bombard you with funny things my kids say. (But you should hear them talk about Kylo Ren.)

Blessings galore,



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  1. Yes! I am so excited about this. I like the bathroom wall scripture art more now that I am potty training Daylia. Then we read the verse together and I feel like such a stellar mom. 😉

    No judgement to moms not reading scripture to their kids in the loo…

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