Christmas Past

You can’t eat fruitcake forever. At some point, you’re going to have to watch a movie. If you’ve reached this point in the holiday, here are six movies I watched recently that I would definitely recommend! Well, mostly. Read on!

  1. Dora the Explorer and the City of Gold. (rented on Amazon) Pro-homeschooling, pro-responsible archaeology, pro-family. Funny, colorful, and has a great soundtrack! You don’t have to be a fan of the TV show to enjoy this movie, but you’d probably understand more of the in-jokes. We loved this one as a family.
  2. Klaus. (Netflix) Winsome, beautiful, funny Christmas movie. Old Navy has tie-in socks and pajama pants if you become obsessed. Did I mention the animation is stunning?! Watched this twice, once with kids, once as a whole family. Cried each time. It’s not a sob story, I’m just, like, so grateful to be here on this earth with my sweet, sweet kids who wiped their popcorn hands ON THE NAPKIN.
  3. The Last Star Wars, The One In Theaters Now. Rise of Skywalker? I’m in the “don’t care about critics because I’m a Gen-Xer and it hit me in the feels” category. My younger two brought their lightsabers to the showing and it was super cute. I did spend a lot of time watching the kids’ faces and not watching the movie, so I might have to see it again. Bonus points for everyone who kept spoilers unspoiled!
  4. Holiday In The Wild (Netflix) Kristen…not Bell…the other one, hang on…Kristen Davis! That’s it. So, her distant husband divorces her the day their kid leaves for college and she is so surprised that she moves to Africa and gets a job working at an elephant rescue facility and falls in love with Rob Lowe and unashamedly spends a lot of time at the one wifi spot in camp. Twelve year-old me would be #goals. Listen, I’m not exactly recommending this movie, but it’s got the same energy as Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, and sometimes you need that.
  5. Fireplace For Your Home (Netflix) This is the quintessential “Netflix And Chill” but no lie, I was a little bit on edge because that birch fire is very hot and very snappy and there was a chance one of the logs might just pop right out of the grate and hit you in the face. And we don’t even have a flat-screen TV! (I’m told there was no chance.) Anyway, most people have this on in the background at parties but if you just wanna finish up the eggnog with the rest of the rum, here you go.
  6. Little Women (in theaters now)  This retelling goes back and forth between present-day adventures and memories from former days, and it works really well. Here is an erudite review from someone smaaat:  smart review  I just want to wear all the costumes. The actress who plays Amy outshines everyone in every scene and I think all the other actors were okay with that (the actress who plays Amy is also in the Black Widow movie coming out this summer!) including Emma Watson, who is perfectly lovely. But Christian Bale made a much, much, MUCH better Laurie. (and Batman. Fight me!!)

There you have it!  In 2020 I’m definitely going to see the live-action Mulan, Wonder Woman 1984, Black Widow, and Top Gun: Maverick. Oh, and the one where Will Smith turns into a bird, because the kids laughed like 8 times during that preview. Happy post-fruitcake season to everyone!

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