Combo Plate

This morning, as I was putting eggs in my bra to get them up to room temperature, I realized that the blog has had a lack of variety.

In my first blog post I boldly claimed there would be funny and embarrassing stories, or maybe some rural sign hilarity, and I have not delivered. Well, never fear! My favoritest best ever Rural NH Sign is the church that decided to save space and punctuation and declared, on one line, “Worship Together Chicken Pot Pie.”

Amen and amen.

As for a funny story, I’m coming up short. There’s been heaps of mirth in my life, but it’s all been that “we’ve-been-married-for-a-wicked-long-time” kind. Like, last night he thought I was sleeping but then I busted out laughing because of Foucault but couldn’t remember why, so he googled it for me, and then we went to sleep. (You had to be there.) Or old funny stories, like the time when I was pushing a shopping cart and turned to get milk and when I turned back, the baby was gone. Gone! He wasn’t stolen, he had simply wiggled out of the buckle, climbed out of the cart, and victoriously tumbled into a waist-high refrigerated display case. Ten months old.

Oooh, speaking of stealing babies, I totally absconded with a friend’s baby yesterday so she could go to the bathroom by herself and pick up her other kids from the children’s program at bible study. This baby, I’m telling you. Her cheeks are ridiculous. I kept getting a nice whiff of sweet baby smell from my shirt for at least an hour after, and bragged about it to the kids until they were good and jealous.

But anyway, nothing colossally embarrassing has happened to me lately. PRAISE THE LORD. I did come close a couple of weeks ago when I went to this praise and worship service with a friend and the video camera magnified a view of my back forty onto the double screens up front, but my hair looked really good that night so I think it all cancelled out.

This afternoon I’m making cardamom swirl brioche again. You make the dough and then it rises for an hour and then you put your thang down flip it and reverse it 6 times, every half hour. So, all day, basically. Everyone’s got a different hack for “rise in a warm place til doubled.” What I do is put the bowl on a heating pad in the middle of my bed and tilt pillows around it, like it’s a baby who might learn to roll over on my watch.

All very well and good for me, you say. It’s easy to be happy when your life is filled with borrowed babies and brioche. Yeah, it is. But during the worst of times, finding things to be thankful for has hauled my behind out of the pit of despair again and again. It’s not our circumstances or capacity for joy that give us strength, it’s the Lord’s joy. His joy is inexhaustible, free, and very, very near.

GAH! Sorry. Can’t help it.

I’ll leave you with this recipe: INSTANT POT PULLED PORK:

Cut a boneless pork butt into 4-5 large chunks. Make up your fave BBQ rub and shake it all over. Saute in the IP til brown on all sides. Remove chunks to a plate. Pour 1 C chicken broth in there and scrape up all the little bits so you don’t get the Burn Notice. Put chunks back in. Close, seal, cook for 1 hour. 20 minutes NP, then quick release if it’s not already done. Serve on rolls with BBQ sauce on the side. Tastes like someone else slow-roasted it all day. (not when YOU slow roast it all day, which invariably leaves it dry as a bone even though it’s swimming in liquid, which, how is that possible? And yet it IS possible, because it happens every time, but NOT ANYMORE BECAUSE INSTAPOT.)




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