I Know How To Tape My Hem


When I was a kid, if your hem unraveled during school you would quickly and discreetly scotch tape or staple that bad larry.  If you left that thin, ragged edge to unfold on its own during Social Studies, WOE TO YOU AND YOUR HOUSE.  Sometimes you didn’t notice you had a Hem Malfunction until someone pointed it out, but as soon as you saw it, you would take care of business.

That is how I feel about writing in this blog.  I intend to write little snippets here, link to helpful writing tips there, and generally record my writing process as it unfolds.  I am old enough to remember life before the internet, but this is my very first blog and I might say the wrong thing or post something I thought was really neat that turns out is the opposite of neat and now no one is my friend anymore, like Harriet The Spy, that first-rate horror novel. 

So if my hem is unraveling in any way, as it were, please feel free to contact me and I will try to fix the mistakes.